Rule of Law

Annotated Cambodian Constitution – Dissemination Workshops

Destination Justice, in partnership with Transparency International Cambodia, is currently facilitating a series of training workshops for students and legal professionals on the Cambodian constitutional law and the use of the Annotated cambodian Constitution (ACC). Those workshops are designed to present the ACC to the legal community, generate discussion about cambodian constitutional law and share the handbook with the legal community. Beginning with a refresher of the constitutional law and its status as the supreme law protecting Cambodia’s democracy, the training then highlights the purpose of the Annotated Cambodian Constitution. It summarizes current Cambodian constitutional jurisprudence and decisions from the Cambodian Constitutional Council. Additionally, relevant cases from dif...

Cambodia – Justice Matters in 2017

Cambodia is uniquely placed to contribute to a dialogue on how the pursuit of international justice can strengthen local jurisprudential standards. Cambodia is one of two ASEAN countries that have signed and ratified the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Moreover, it is one of the few countries ever to host a UN-backed yet domestic tribunal to prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, as it does at the ECCC. Capitalising on Cambodia’s unique position in this regard, Destination Justice has organised annual events, since 2014, celebrating International Justice Day. These events have aimed to raise awareness within Cambodia of domestic justice and promote fair, independent, and transparent justice. As a member of the NGO Coalition for the International Crimi...

Destination Justice releases “Cambodia at a Crossroads: On the Road to Rule of Law” documentary calling for a change in road behaviour

On Saturday, March 26, 2016, Destination Justice premiered its newest documentary, “Cambodia at a Crossroads: On the Road to Rule of Law” to the general public in a screening and talk at The Justice Cafe & Library in Phnom Penh.