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Join our team – Justice Café Assistant

Join our team – Justice Café Assistant

About the Justice Café

Brewing coffee and ideas was a dream, it became a reality.

Born from the desire to provide a safe and participatory space to young changemakers, we opened the Justice Café on the 3rd July 2015 thanks to CFIDEV’s support.

The Justice Café is one of Destination Justice’s flagship projects as a part of its Justice Matters in Cambodia Program. Destination Justice is non-profit organisation registered as a local organisation in Cambodia since 2013 that works towards a more just world by creating sustainable change.

Since its creation, the Justice Café has grown into a home for changemakers with various resources available, from pacted bookshelves to a recording studio. Animated by the Justice Café vibrant team, the space is the host of various events, from Coffee Talk to the Changemakers Training Program, is publishing its own books and producing documentaries and educational video.

Being a social enterprise, the Justice Café puts pride in being a gay-friendly café, in buying its products from other social enterprises such as Tree Corner Coffee, and on promoting plastic free initiatives.

Job Description


Position: Assistant Manager

Total term: 6 months full time (48 hours/wk) with a possibility of renewal depending on performance.

Starting Date: Monday 10 September 2018 (with trial period from 1st to 16 August)

Gross Salary: 180-200 USD depending on experience. Possibility of increase depending on performance.

Benefits: Social Security, All public holidays and an additional 1.5 days per month, 50% discount on drinks at the Café.


Destination Justice’s Justice Cafe in Phnom Penh


Primary Expectation: Daily running of the Justice Café and its center

  1. In general, Follow basic people essentials (eg. uniforms and punctuality); Understand the ‘how to’ and ‘why’ behind Justice Café’s Policies and Procedures; Promote teamwork to achieve the Café’s goals so that assigned tasks are performed in a timely manner; Follow all reasonable instructions given by an authorised person; Welcome every customer with a smile and being genuinely friendly at all times; Attend customers’ needs as a primary focus, and attempt to solve normal customer enquiries when referring other customer enquiries to the Management; Be aware of the goals and targets of the Café and ensuring actions contribute to their achievement; Maintain operational & kitchen areas to meet customer cleanliness, comfort & convenience expectations; Make sure stocks are up to date, and financial operations recorded.
  2. Specifically, implement the Justice Café procedures including preparing and serving Drinks and Snacks for customer;
  3. Assist in the management of the Justice Center in maintaining a good communication with the tenants, collecting rent, and finding solutions if/when problems arise;
  4. Assist the Justice Cafe & Library Manager in the daily management of the Cafe, such as administration and accounting.

Other Expectations:

  1. When needed, participate and assist other team members in conducting other tasks related to the organisation‘s other programs.
  2. Participate in the organisation’s life.

Desirable Qualities

We are looking for someone who:

  • Gets things done
  • Has a strong sense of “initiative”, “gumption”, “common sense”
  • Will be able to develop effective cross-cultural relationships
  • Will be adaptable, especially in the face of adversity

Desirable Skills

We are looking for someone who:

  • Does not fear interacting with others (e.g. experience in the catering industry such as Mcdonalds or others is appreciated)
  • Has a problem-solving mind and does not let his/her/their curiosity on hold
  • Is a teamplayer
  • Has a nice presentation and behave in a professional way
  • Is organised and does not get distracted easily

Desirable Background

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has experience working in a Coffee shop, social entrepreneurship experience is a plus
  • Native Khmer with knowledge of English

Submit your CV at before Tuesday 31 July 5:00PM.

Destination Justice is an equal employment opportunity employer. Decisions including hiring, are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or any other classification protected by law.

Job Description – Justice Café Assistant [KHMER]

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