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Affiliates are practitioners based around the world that share Destination Justice’s values and are trained to provide consulting services to international organisations, governments, civil society organisations and corporations.

Destination Justice Affiliates share a common understanding, methodology, and commitment to human rights and rule of law consistent with our unique Destination Justice approach, and collaborate with the core staff and each other across cultures, languages, legal systems and professions. Affiliates and core staff are connected by an online interface which enables us to work as “one office” regardless of physical location.

We will soon welcome prospective practitioners’ interested in joining Destination Justice.  Our aim is to cultivate potential affiliates who will both contribute to and benefit from Destination Justice by:

  • Belonging to a community of like-minded professionals;
  • Sharing knowledge and collaborating with other Destination Justice consultants across cultures, languages, legal systems and professions;
  • Presenting an Unified Face: to donors, funding organisations and media.

Because Destination Justice is a highly collaborative organisation, a commitment by a prospective affiliate consultant to active participation in a two way collaboration is a critical element of success. Please stay tuned!