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At Destination Justice, we see enabling the effective use of information as a key to good governance answering to the necessity of transparency and accountability. We believe in the power of technology and information to empower citizens with choice and control over the decisions that impact their lives, and to strengthen the administrations on the people’s service. [Contact us]

Motivate staff on the people’s service

Access to information can help foster cooperation within an administration between staff members and promote understanding and build trust between the leadership and the subordinates they oversee. External access to information necessitates within the administration an effective communication between the leadership and the subordinates enabling better guidance and more feedback, and avoiding the risk of corruption. Promoting the work of the staff through access to information enables better supervision and monitoring from the leadership and motivate the staff to achieve more and faster to the benefit of people.

Strengthen partnerships

Access to information is also important when dealing with the civil society, donors, and other contacts. Administrations would gain a lot by providing information regarding their projects/activities and by outlining their needs and expectations. By doing so, administrations might be able to find support from the civil society and/or donors which are eager to collaborate with an open administration ensuring public trust and establishing a system of transparency and participation.

Increase public confidence in government

Access to information deepens trust amongst citizens and their administrations by allowing individuals to better understand the role of government and the decisions made on their behalf. Administrations often have variety of media available to let the public know about their services, activities and achievements. Access to information enables better visibility and help to build trust by answering to the question of accountability.


  • Evaluation of the internal information chain and decision-making process
  • Effecting change in administration’s practices and culture in order to implement access to information
  • Capacity building, training on and development of open data
  • Effective Website development

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