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Ignorance of the law often leads individuals and communities to fail to assert their legal rights and can provoke situations of increased vulnerability and marginalisation. Therefore, Destination Justice emphasizes the need for universal access to the law and an increased knowledge of the rights, obligations and legislative framework as an essential component of a fair and equitable society in accordance with the principles of rule of law.

What is the Project?

Destination Justice’s Project is a part of the wider Cambodia Law Digest Program which aims to fill the gap manifested by the rapid development of legal resources in Cambodia vis-a-vis the restricted access to this information.  Chbab is the Khmer word for law, and the project’s main focus is the increased accessibility of legal information for Cambodians. The primary output of the project is an online database containing all Cambodian laws in Khmer, and English and/or French when available. The website will also feature a blog displaying analysis and commentary from legal practitioners on a broad set of legal issues. In order to maximize accessibility and understanding, has been configured for a user-friendly experience and will be regularly updated with new legal provisions entering into force. The website will service as an important resource both for lawyers and non-lawyers who are currently facing significant difficulties in accessing legal information. The project is innovative, simple and free for users. The project is entirely objective and apolitical and its focus is entirely on the dissemination of essential information that will empower citizens and increase legal knowledge and awareness.

Why is it needed?

The ongoing activities of Destination Justice have highlighted the need to improve both the quantitative and qualitative public access to legal information and decisions. In recent years, the Cambodian legislature has made significant steps in developing and expanding the country’s legal framework and there has been a rapid increase in the number of laws enacted in Cambodia. However, many Cambodian laws remain inaccessible or difficult to locate and and as a result, many people are unaware either of the existence of certain laws entirely or are unaware of the content and details of laws. With the increase in the use of technology within Cambodian society and increased access to the internet over the last decade, Destination Justice believes this gap in knowledge and awareness can be filled by a comprehensive, freely accessible online database containing all Cambodian laws as well as relevant international laws.

What are the outcomes?

  • Totally free, innovative and friendly-user mechanisms;
  • Establishing and maintaining;
  • Uploading all existing Cambodian laws in Khmer, English and French;
  • Uploading relevant international law in Khmer, English and French;
  • Monitoring new laws and adding them to the website;
  • Online blog and legal commentary;
  • Incoming new content related to access to legal information.

What are the long-term benefits?

  • Simplicity and free access to all legal resources related to Cambodia;
  • Increased accessibility to Cambodian law for the general public;
  • Increased accessibility to Cambodian law for students and legal professionals;
  • Increased awareness and understanding of Cambodian laws;
  • Enhanced awareness and understanding of relevant international laws;
  • Development of a free research tool for individuals based in Cambodia and abroad;
  • Increased transparency.

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Director: Rodolphe Prom