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Education: A pillar of Human Development

At Destination Justice, we see education as a pillar of human development, especially legal education as it develops legal consciousness which is a key component of social citizenship. We believe that legal consciousness is fundamental in order to strengthen the rule of law and build a society where problems can be solved peacefully. [Get in touch]

Responsible studentship

Learning about taking responsibility for our education is the first step of citizenship. During their formative years, it is crucial for citizens to adopt healthy habitual attitudes to their work and extra-curricular activities, which will prepare them adequately for work and encourage social inclusion. We look for and aim at developing in all of our students or trainees a strong work ethic, a sense of respect, independent thinking, and good grasp of professional ethics.

Lead society change

We see education and training as a vehicle leading societal regeneration in post-crisis countries. We firmly believe that pursuing efforts to effectively raise education standards everywhere can have a deeper and sustainable impact in the societal regeneration. High education standards are a key to fight against the climate of low aspiration which can stay for many generations after a crisis. By not accepting the status quo, people who benefit from a good education will be actors in the societal regeneration instead of expecting the infrastructure to lead it alone.

Bridge education to the workplace

Accompanying students throughout their academic life also means helping prepare for life after their education finishes. Deepening especially legal education to incorporate an applied view of what legal practice really means in the Cambodian context represents part of our duty as legal educators. We provide support for students through training while keeping in mind practical skills learning in our course development. We also give the students an opportunity to get a greater insight into legal careers through our legal clinic and related internship program.

Develop the legal consciousness

Legal consciousness is non only necessary to allow individuals to better understand the role of government and the decisions made on their behalf but also to appease relations between individuals themselves. Through legal education and training, we want citizens to have a better understanding of the utility of the law, of the balance between general welfare and individual freedom, as this understanding is a key to lead substantial legal reforms successfully.


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  • Syllabus development
  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Public lectures
  • Internship

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Our projects:

  • Cambodia Justice Sector Internship Program Project