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The Justice Matters program is a response to the many challenges justice faces in Cambodia to achieve transparency, fairness and independence. In accordance to our principles, we approach these challenges with the strong belief that sustainable change is driven from both the top down and the bottom up.

  • We advocate for a transparent, fair and independent justice as well at an international level as at a domestic level, and work at providing people in Cambodia with the knowledge and skills so they can themselves advocate for a better justice system.
  • We raise Cambodian people’s awareness of the rôle of the ICC and advocate for an increased collaboration between Cambodia and the ICC, accordingly to our duties as a member of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court and with Cambodia as a signatory of the Rome Statute, .
  • We engage with the Cambodian youth through our activities and encourage it to express its views of the national justice in Cambodia in comparison to international justice, through the examples of the International Criminal Court and the Khmer Rouge Tribunal.
  • We empower selected young people by training them and assisting them in the development of their own activities to promote better justice.
  • We offer resources and a safe, inviting and peaceful space to speak about justice, human rights and rule of law, through our Justice Café & Library.



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