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Destination Justice recognizes the need for good quality legal resources that are freely and widely available. As experienced lawyers, we are aware of the importance of being able to access laws, jurisprudence and legal commentaries; access to this information not only empowers the general public by increasing awareness of rights, but also provides a valuable research tool for law students and members of the legal profession. Through our research activities and our work in the legal sector in Cambodia, we have been able to identify the gaps in availability of information and we are therefore able to tailor the Law for All Program to the specific needs of the Cambodian general public and legal sector.[Get in touch]

What is the Law for All Program?

The Law for All Program is an initiative that aims to improve access to legal information; it is targeted not only at law students and legal professionals, but also to the general Cambodian public as a whole. Through the development of a website, containing law, jurisprudence, legal commentary and legal news (both national and international), the program will create a comprehensive source of legal information that is not currently widely available. In addition to the website, the program will create leaflets and information sheets for distribution (particularly in rural areas where internet access is extremely limited). All of the information both on the website and in the additional materials will be published and distributed in the Khmer language. Specific information will be disseminated to particular groups, for example information on the law in relation to the detention of children will be distributed to prison officials, and information relating specifically to to indigenous groups will be distributed among those communities.

Why is it needed?

The ongoing activities of our Law for All Program have demonstrated the need for this program; our research has highlighted the real lack of public access to laws and legal information. While the Cambodian legal system has undergone a period of rapid development since the 1990s, the general public currently have very little access to the many laws that have been passed. Furthermore, laws are often worded in a technical way and as such can be difficult for a layperson to understand; the output of the program will not only include publication and distribution of the laws, but will also include commentaries that will explain the law in a clear and coherent way. The website and publications would also provide a research tool for members of the legal profession who would benefit from a free and comprehensive digest that brings together statutes, case law and legal commentary. Whilst the main focus will be on domestic law, there will also be an element of international legal commentary and news included on the website, thereby enabling legal professionals to develop their understanding of legal issues in a wider context.

What are the outcomes?

  • The creation of a Khmer language legal website that incorporates laws, jurisprudence and legal commentaries, providing a research tool for professionals and presenting legal issues and news articles in a way that is easily accessible and understandable to the general public
  • Publication of leaflets and factsheets in relation to legal issues, for distribution in rural areas and among specific groups

What are the long-term benefits?

  • Improved resources for legal professionals
  • Improved general access to legal information for all sectors of society
  • Inclusion of rural communities and indigenous groups
  • Empowerment of general public through presenting information in relation to laws and rights in a way that is easily digestible
  • With high quality content, the program will produce a sustainable and long term resource

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