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The Justice Matters Conference is back, with a special focus on youth and legal aid!

It is that time of the year again! Destination Justice Cambodia will hold its yearly Justice Matters Conference at the National University of Management, in Phnom Penh, on 7 December 2018.

The Justice Matters Conference (JMC) is an annual event organized by Destination Justice. Originally celebrating the adoption of the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court (ICC), the JMC has evolved to focus on reminding us that while international justice – from its pure implementation at the ICC to more hybrid implementations like the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia – are highly profiled, domestic justice in Cambodia is equally crucial to lasting peace and development. However, it still faces challenges putting at a disadvantage the ones most in crucial need of a fair, transparent and independent justice.

This year’s Conference will once again be co-hosted with our partner Transparency International Cambodia, and on this occasion, the Conference will also be honoring Anti-Corruption Day, which is on 9 December. Accordingly, this year’s Conference will explore issues at the crossroads of justice and corruption.

Furthermore, We believe that it is key for Cambodian youth to be involved in leading the work to improve the judicial system in their country while sharing their talent. This is why we are launching a Youth Voices Contest as part of the conference. We’re inviting the students to submit in any format that they wish a short and creative work to Destination Justice. The general theme of the contest is “Justice and Corruption”. Winners from each category will receive a prize, and a people’s choice award will also be given.

Like the JMC 2017, we will use the JMC 2018 as an invaluable opportunity to encourage the development of common initiatives toward better justice by gathering main actors of the judicial sector in the topic of access to legal information, legal aid, and legal literature. Read more about the JMC2017 and its participants and outcomes here.  

In addition, and inspired by feedback from the JMC 2017, this year’s event will follow a new format, by splitting the day in two with the morning welcoming legal professionals and the afternoon students and young professionals.  In particular, the afternoon session will focus on “Youth Voices on Access to Justice in Cambodia” by giving the winners of our Youth Voices Contest a platform to present their work as well as having a roundtable with young professionals so they can share their experiences and discuss how issues of corruption and lack of access to justice affect the young generation.

Call for Sponsorship!

As a member of the legal community, this conference is a unique opportunity for you to participate in this critical dialogue towards improving justice in Cambodia. It will also give you the occasion to meet with possible future collaborators as well as exchange knowledge and ideas with your peers.

A ticket to the 2018 Justice Matters conference costs $10 and all proceeds from the conference are reinvested directly into activities to further justice in Cambodia.  it is also possible for you to sponsor the event as an individual or organization. All sponsors will be recognized at the conference. This is an invaluable opportunity to highlight your leadership and promote your work widely across the justice sector and to some of its most prominent members.

To purchase a ticket to the 2018 Justice Matters Conference, to discuss possibilities to sponsor the Conference, or for further information, please email justicematters@destinationjustice.org and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at justicematters@destinationjustice.org or get regular updates on our Justice Matters Conference 2018 Webpage!

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