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Advice of Cambodian Women of Power for Int’l Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and to promote gender equality. This year, the celebration turned to a day of protest to remind us that this day is still highly needed as women around the world, are still suffering from disparities in terms of education, health, work, and remain at risk of different kinds of violence, and poverty.

At Destination Justice, we strongly support Women’s rights, and we are advocating for them. Women’s Rights are Human Rights. In this regards, Destination Justice’s team in Cambodia, through Destination Justice’s social enterprise the Justice Café & Library and its Justice Ambassadors*, worked along the French Embassy in Cambodia to produce a short documentary. Titled “Being a Woman of Power in Cambodia”, the short documentary aims at discussing the place of women in the Cambodian society through the interviews of renowned Cambodian women who have accessed position of power.

The video presents five (5) Cambodian women:

  • H.E. Ing Kanta Pavi, Minister of Women’s affairs,
  • H.E. Kim Sothavy, Judge at the Supreme Court,
  • Dr. Pung Chhiv Kek, director of LICADHO,
  • Mrs. Ung Chansophea, TV producer and presenter on CTN, and
  • Mrs. Ung Nary, executive manager for ANZ.

Each one of them shares important, inspiring, and humorous anecdotes about their everyday struggle as women in the Cambodian society.

This documentary aims at spreading the idea that women can have position of power, and fulfill their dreams, even though they seem unreachable at first. All interviewers are also giving a set of advice to the younger generation of women to help them reach such dreams. We invite you to listen to them in the documentary.

The projection has been warmly welcomed by the audience of all genders gathered that day, at the French embassy, in Phnom Penh.


***About the JCL ‘s “Justice Ambassadors” program

The Justice Café & Library’s program “Justice Ambassadors” aims to empower, and engage young people, with the purpose of helping them becoming change makers. For this project, Ratha and Sofok, under the supervision of Destination Justice, were able to contact all the interviews, recording the audio and the sound, as well as assisting the French Embassy with the editing and subtitling of the video. Given the success of the aforementioned program, it will be reconducted in 2017.

For more information on the program please contact the JCL team at phnompenh@justice.cafe

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