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USCIRF Condemns Trial Outcome of Ethiopian Muslim Leaders

Last February, the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights issued provisional measures against Ethiopia in the case of 29  Ethiopian Human Rights Defenders brought by Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Allo and supported by Destination Justice.

Destination Justice welcomes the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s recent statement condemning the convictions and sentencing of 18 Muslims leaders in Ethiopia.

“These individuals were peaceful advocates for religious freedom,” said USCIRF Chairman Dr. Robert P. George.

“This trial was a continuation of the Ethiopian government’s use of the anti-terror law to stifle human rights advocacy and dissent.”

Read the USCIRF’s press release here.

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For more information about the case in general, contact Dr. Abadir Ibrahim, Dr. Allo, Ms. Silvia Palomba and Ms. Doreen Chen at info[@]destinationjustice.org.

Abadir Ibrahim and Awol Allo are independent legal experts who, with the support of Destination Justice, have assisted the 29 HRDs on a pro bono basis.  Destination Justice is an independent non-profit law, governance and development organisation; to read more about the organisation, click here.  Silvia Palomba and Doreen Chen are international lawyers and Destination Justice Principal Consultant; to read more click here.

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