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Destination Justice and Transparency international celebrate World Day for International Justice with Justice Matters Conference

‘The Justice Matters Conference aims to gather the community of changemakers to celebrate international justice and its importance for strengthening domestic justice in Cambodia. We look forward to collaborating with all parties to grow shared understanding of justice and a common way forward for all Cambodian people.’

Rodolphe Prom, President of Destination Justice

‘International Justice Day highlights the fundamental role the judiciary in Cambodia should play to ensure a stronger rule of law and better access to justice for all. We humbly urge all relevant stakeholders to reform the judiciary to ensure its independence and restore public trust.’

Preap Kol, Executive Director of Transparency International Cambodia

On 15 July 2016, in honor of the World Day for  International Justice celebrating the adoption of the Rome Statute, Destination Justice, with the support of the Swedish Embassy and Transparency International, organised the Justice Matters Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom Penh.

As Cambodia is one of the two ASEAN countries that signed and ratified the Rome Statute and one of the few countries ever to host a UN-backed domestic tribunal, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), we believe the celebration of its adoption was a great opportunity to gather and talk about why justice matters as well to show how  the pursuit of international justice can strengthen domestic justice in Cambodia.

Various stakeholders and guest speakers from the Swedish Embassy, the ECCC, OHCHR, Pannasastra University, the Royal University of Law and Economics, the Documentation Centre of Cambodia, Women Peacemakers were invited to talk about their views and to share their experience. Since each of these groups are currently playing a strong role in the development of the Cambodian legal and judicial system, It was an important opportunity to engage in conversation about why fair, independent and transparent justice matters in Cambodia.

The World Day for International Justice was also the occasion to unveil the Justice Matters exhibit combining ICC panels and new panels we created showcasing the impact of international justice through the ICC and the ECCC on the domestic justice of Cambodia.

The conference, made possible through the generosity of the Swedish Embassy, illustrates the importance of collaboration and communication as we grow a dialogue on why justice matters and how we can strengthen it together, both in Cambodia and around the world.

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