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Dialogue on Public Policies to Promote LGBTIQ’s Rights in Cambodia

Phnom Penh, 31 May 2018 – Rainbow Community Kampuchea (Rock), Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC), Micro Rainbow International (MRI), Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR), Destination Justice (DJ), and KHANA Cambodia, with the support of UN Women, UNAIDS, OHCHR and UN Volunteer, are proud to host the 2018 Dialogue on Public Policies to Promote LGBTIQ’s Rights in Cambodia at the Green Palace Hotel.

This 2018 Dialogue on Public Policies to Promote LGBTIQ’s Rights in Cambodia (hereafter the Dialogue) aims to create a discussion between the Cambodian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) community members and their government representatives in order to seek legal and policy responses to the to current priority issues identified by the community.

“We hope this dialogue will lead to a promising and collaborative work plan between the civil society organisations and the participating ministries in order to review the current legal context to address the needs of our LGBTIQ community,” Ms. Pisey Ly, Coordinator for RoCK.

The Dialogue gathers around 70 participants from various background, including government representatives from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS), Ministry of Women Affairs, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Justice, and the Cambodian Human Rights Committee. It will also include civil society organisations (CSOs), legal professionals, academics, community members and students.


The priority issues identified beforehand include:

  1. Legal issues including same-sex marriage, adoption, and the possibility of changing gender based on one’s own determination in legal documents (identification card, family book and passport)
  2. Discrimination and exclusion from families and schools
  3. Employment opportunities and discrimination in the workplace


The organisers expect that this Dialogue will be a stepping stone in Cambodia legislative reform to strengthen  LGBTIQ individuals’ social inclusiveness.

“UN Women welcomes the increased visibility and voice of the diverse LGBTIQ community in Cambodia and the engagement of policy-makers in discussing LGBTIQ issues.  We hope that this dialogue will be a useful opportunity for policy-makers to hear directly from the community, to build understanding and to work together to identify practical changes that can be made to support Cambodian LGBTIQ persons to live free from discrimination,” Ms. Sarah Knibbs, Country Representative for UN Women.

For more information, please contact Ms. Heng Cheyleaphy, Advocacy and Communication Officer for RoCK at 012 780 060 or

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